Stainless steel pipes AISI 201

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Description stainless steel pipes AISI 201

Welcome to the aisi 201 stainless steel round pipe catalogue

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If there is no price in the catalogue opposite the desired pipe type, it means that the price is either highly dependent on the volume of delivery or tied to the instant exchange rate. The weight of the pipe order is calculated automatically.

We will cut the purchased pipe to the right length and deliver it to any region of the Russian federation.

The prices of the aisi 201 stainless steel round pipe are valid both wholesale and retail. A discount will be calculated for the order volume from 30 000 rubles.

Varieties and marking of steel tubes AISI 201

The pipeline is resistant to atmospheric effects (corrosion) and medium aggressive acid media. Standard length of one product - 6 meters, we also offer pipes from 2 to 9 meters from the availability

Industrial applications of these pipes

High corrosion resistance and exposure to forging or arc welding make it possible to use these materials in all areas of daily life as well as in various industries.


  1. High mechanical strength
    Pipes are resistant to various shock and deformable loads and wear, are durable and hardly lose their qualities over time.
  2. Resistance to corrosion
    Stainless steel tubes are not oxidized by moisture and aggressive media. They are chemically inert and do not interact with liquids and gases.
  3. Resistance to temperature and humidity changes.
    Pipes are subject to little change in linear dimensions when temperatures change and do not react to changes in humidity and pressure, allowing them to be used in the harshest conditions.
  4. High plastic content
    Stainless tubes are easy to handle as they are plastic and not fragile, which allows them to bend under the right angles and give the necessary shape.
  5. Aesthetic appearance
    Stainless steel looks great even without additional treatment - paint or polishing.

Application area

We provide customers with a wide range of services, covering a wide range of industries such as racing, sailing, catering services, construction, and healthcare.


Product specifications and dimensions for stainless steel decorative tubes
1) Outer diameter: 8mm-219mm
Wall thickness: 0.25-3.0 mm
2) Surface: 180HL, 320G, 400G, 500G, 600G
3) Decorative tubes: circular, square, rectangular
4) Factory/Brand: tisco, lisco, posco, baosteel, jisco
5) Level: AISI 304, 304L, 316L, 316TI, 321, 309S, 310S, 201, 202, 430, etc D
Application scope of welded pipes
Reliable and relatively lightweight welded stainless steel pipes are used for assembling heat exchangers and heaters, as well as for installing engineering and pipelines in enterprises:
Chemical and refining industries;
Machinery and shipbuilding industry;
Food sector.

Rectangular pipes can act as the basis of many metal structures. Rectangular rolled products are used to install fences and railings, load-bearing structures, furniture frames and vehicle elements. The advantages of such products are low weight and high strength. Manufactured from steel grades AISI 201, 304, 430.

Square pipes can withstand high loads, so they are installed as a reinforcing element in metal structures. Most often, square pipes are used when installing the frame of a structure or assembling a structure for a car body. Manufactured from steel grades AISI 430, 304.

Round pipes are the most common. They are widely used in pipelines for transporting liquids and gases under high pressure. The products are used in food, chemical, oil and other industries. We offer structural and special-purpose pipes. Manufactured from steel grades AISI 304, 316, 201.

Oval pipes have increased strength and a mirror surface compared to round products. Due to this, they are used as decorative elements in metal structures in furniture production and mechanical engineering. Manufactured from steel grades AISI 304, 316, 201.

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