Slender Alloy 2205 Welded Pressure Tubing inner and outer wall polished surface engineering

For more precise use of electrolytic polishing, Alloy 2205 Welded Pressure Tubing polishing most of the use of mechanical polishing.

It is divided into two parts: inner surface polishing and outer surface polishing.

Mechanical polishing inner surface polishing (using internal polishing machine) with a throwing rod into the tube to drive a thousand impeller or self-made belt wheel rotating at high speed, and with the rotation of the steel pipe itself polishing, rotating slowly forward the throwing rod.

Generally speaking, first use 60#-80# 1000 impeller or belt wheel for rough casting, and then gradually use high-precision fine casting according to the requirements of finish.

The pipe of large size above 6 generally uses thousand impeller, the Alloy 2205 Welded Pressure Tubing of small size can use self-made sand belt wheel, can reduce the cost.

If you feel that the mechanical polishing is not bright enough, you can apply polishing paste to increase the brightness.

Polishing electrolytic polishing is to be thrown workpiece as the anode, insoluble metal as the cathode, both poles immersed in the electrolytic cell at the same time, through direct current and produce selective anodic dissolution, so as to achieve Alloy 2205 Welded Pressure Tubing parts surface brightness increase effect.

Specific available to know what search is electrolytic polishing "can be understood! 

Alloy 2205 Welded Pressure Tubing polishing because the surface oxidation layer received damage, it is best to use acid surface passivation treatment, otherwise easy to rust.

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