Stainless steel pipe product surface processing grade is how to divide?

Stainless steel pipe products are currently very many, not only kitchen supplies, but also can be made into furniture, as well as some crafts, in short, there are more types.

Under the huge demand, stainless steel pipe processing plants are now more.

In the process of processing, the grade of stainless steel pipe surface processing is not the same, which is closely related to the production of products, how to divide the surface grade of stainless steel pipe products?

Original surface:

The surface treated with heat treatment and pickling after hot rolling.

Generally used for cold rolling materials, industrial tanks, chemical industry equipment, etc., the thickness is from 2.0MM-8.0MM.

Stainless steel pipe processing plant and fog surface NO.1 2B after cold rolling heat treatment, pickling, and then finish rolling processing to make the surface of the appropriate brightness.

Because the surface is smooth, easy to re-grind, make the surface more bright, widely used, such as tableware, building materials and so on.

Almost all applications are satisfied with surface treatments that improve mechanical properties.

Blunt surface:

After cold rolling, heat treatment, pickling, its material is soft, the surface is silver-white luster, for deep stamping processing, such as automotive components, water pipes and so on.

Coarse sand with 100-120 grinding belt grinding out the product.

Has a better gloss, with discontinuous coarse grain. Used for interior and exterior decoration materials, electrical products and kitchen equipment, etc.

Fine sand is also a surface finish grade product often produced by stainless steel pipe processing plants.

Stainless steel pipe processing plant produced stainless steel pipe product surface grade in addition to the above division, there are many other.

Bright surface is a kind of special surface brightness, can be directly used to make mirrors, or other decorative products, beautiful and generous, but also can maintain brightness for a long time, do not worry about corrosion.

The specific choice of what kind of surface processing grade, but also need to choose according to the characteristics of the product to use, as far as possible to be beautiful and practical.

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