Looking at 201, in the morning market, the main base price of 201J1 cold rolled steel reached 8900 yuan/ton, the main base price of J2/J5 cold rolled steel reached 8250 yuan/ton, and the main base price of five-foot hot rolled steel reached 8500 yuan/ton. All of the above has not changed since yesterday.

During the day, the price for 201 stainless steel sheet buy 12x15g9nd was weak. The J2/J5 transaction price was focused at 8200-8300 yuan/ton. In the afternoon, the maximum supply price dropped slightly by 50 yuan/ton. The market also saw fixed shipments at RMB 8,150/ton. According to traders, maintenance of high-voltage circuits in the Eastern Market was not resumed yesterday. Warehouses in the market are generally closed, and there are few vehicles for shipping and delivery. This is affecting the performance of market transactions during the day, which was relatively light.

At present, the main market price of 201 sheet stainless steel buy 12x15g9nd is basically stable. Steel mill prices have not fluctuated yet. The market has a strong willingness to raise prices. The price of 304 is oversold after the holidays. Price However, in the near future, raw material prices will be low and expected that prices will fluctuate and bottom out in the short term.