Two weeks after National Day, the retail price of 1mm high chromium nickel continued to remain stable and weak. The main ex-factory price dropped to 8800-8900 yuan per 50 basis tons, which was 150 yuan per 50 basis tons. base tons are lower than before the holiday, a decrease of 1.68%.

This is a far cry from the ceremonial occasion when the price of high chromium content rose by 600 yuan after National Day celebrations last year. After the National Day holiday in 2022, the price of high chromium content continued to rise, rising from RMB 8,000/50 basis tons to RMB 8,600/50 basis tons, up 7.5% from before the holiday.

However, since National Day this year, the market price of high chromium alloys has fallen rather than increased. Why?

On the one hand, the supply of chromium on the market has recently continued to remain high. From June to September, domestic chromium production remained above 600,000 tonnes. In September, high-grade chromium production reached a new two-year high, with a significant increase of 213,600 tonnes. tons compared to the same period last year.

And with the resumption and commissioning in the second half of the year of the production capacity of high-chromium stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 1 mm, it is expected that in October the production capacity of high-chromium stainless steel will remain at a high level - more than 650 thousand tons. .