With the National Day approaching soon, the October high chromium steel core prices have been released one after another, with the core tone remaining stable from month to month. The "Golden Nine" before the holiday is somewhat unexpected. The price of high chromium 304 stainless steel round bar has fallen, not increased. How will the price be interpreted after the holiday?

Let's look at the high chrome market trend before and after National Day 2022. Last year's Golden Nine and Silver Ten years were full of quality. In September 2022, the main factory price of high chromium content rose from 7400 yuan to 50 yuan. basis tons to 8000 yuan/50 basis tons. After the National Day holiday, the price of high chromium content continued to rise, and then rose from 8000 yuan/50 basis tons to 8600 yuan/50 basis tons. In two months, the price rose sharply by 1,200 yuan/50 basis tons, an increase of 16.22%.