316LVM sheet  Stainless steel in medical

Нержавеющая сталь в медицине позволяет комплексно решить множество проблем. Она нашла свое применение в данной отрасли давно и достойной замены её так и не появилось.

Product description

Stainless steel in medicine allows us to comprehensively solve many problems. It found its application in this industry a long time ago and a worthy replacement has never appeared. When purchasing products made from it, it is important to make sure that the manufacturer is honest - they often try to sell a cheaper alloy under the guise of medical steel. It is worth dealing with reliable suppliers who can prove the level of their products with certificates.

316LVM stainless steel contains molybdenum, which is highly resistant to aggressive environments. The alloy is widely used in the production of medical equipment and is indispensable where it is necessary to ensure strict hygiene, strength and high quality of products. 316LVM stainless steel is also called surgical grade, suitable for implantation into the human body.


  1. High mechanical strength
    Pipes are resistant to various shock and deformation loads and wear, durable and practically do not lose their quality over time.
  2. Corrosion resistance
    Stainless steel pipes do not oxidize under the influence of moisture and aggressive environments. They are chemically inert and do not interact with liquids and gases.
  3. Resistance to changes in temperature and humidity
    Pipes are little susceptible to changes in linear dimensions when temperatures change and do not respond to changes in humidity and pressure, which allows them to be used in the most severe conditions.
  4. High ductility
    Stainless steel pipes are easy to process because they are ductile and not brittle, which allows them to be bent at the desired angles and given the desired shape.
  5. Aesthetic appearance
    Stainless steel looks great even without additional processing - painting or polishing.

Application area

Stainless steel pipes are used in many areas of the national economy, but especially widely in construction, where it is necessary to create durable loaded metal structures; food and chemical industries, where it is important to ensure inertness in contact with reagents and comply with sanitary and hygienic requirements, as well as in the advertising field and architecture - due to its beautiful appearance.

The range includes various types of pipes with different diameters and cross-sections: round, square, rectangular, oval. The products are made of stainless steel of various grades. All the products we supply are of high quality and comply with GOST requirements. If you don't find what you're looking for, give us a call anyway! Not all product items are presented on the site.

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