In terms of cost, the price of high-nickel stainless steel sheet 12x18n10t has decreased slightly this week. The main quote on the market today is 1125 yuan/nickel, which is 10 yuan/nickel lower than last week. The current quote is weakly stable at 8800-8900 yuan/50 basis tons, which is 1125 yuan/nickel compared to last week.

In the post-holiday market, inventories of stainless steel sheet 12x18n10t series 300 decreased by 19,000 tons to 478,000 tons, while the resources of both cold and hot rolling were significantly depleted. During this inventory cycle, futures and spot prices stopped falling and recovered. Warehouse receipt shipments have slowed, but spot transactions have improved significantly. On some business days, market transaction rates were hot. Traders and subsequent buyers were actively picking up goods and shipping goods. from the warehouse, which leads to a reduction in inventory. According to research statistics, from October to November, many steel mills successively announced maintenance and production reduction plans, which are expected to impact the output of 12x18n10t 300 series stainless steel sheet by 260,000 tons. Market stocks continue to decline.