The client's old client finally placed an order again, this time purchasing 24 tons of 430 BA 0.31000C stainless steel rolls. This is the first time I sold 430 rolls of BA 0.31000C stainless steel to this boss. We have listed the price but the customer has never bought this product from China and doesn't know much about this 430 BA 0.31000C stainless steel coil. Therefore, we send many product photos and packaging photos to our customers.

We tried our best to support the client, and finally the client won the tender and we started production. The wall thickness of 430 BA 0.31000C stainless steel roll is very thin, and customers have very high demands on the surface, so we strictly control the tolerances and brightness of the product during the production process. The customer who finally sent the product was very pleased with its quality. We look forward to new opportunities for cooperation with clients