The price of stainless steel round stainless steel 08Х18Н10 opened high in September and then declined. Steel mills have high production schedules and raw material prices are stable. Where will stainless steel prices go in the future? How do raw material prices change? What is the demand for recycling? How are things going with exports? You might as well listen to what the leaders and elite of the stainless steel industry have to say!

On October 8, a conference on the exchange of cold rolled products of East China stainless steel, stainless steel circle 08Х18Н10, was held in Wuxi. The conference was organized by Wuxi Tuolian and was attended by famous people from the mining industry, medium-sized traders, processing industry and other industries. Everyone was preparing for the next market situation. An in-depth discussion full of useful information.

  1. During National Day, the US dollar index rose and fell, and the RMB depreciation pressure was eased to a certain extent, which had a positive effect on the trends of domestic commodities in October.
  2. Domestic real estate policies continue to weaken, and with the support of domestic policies supporting the economy, macroeconomic expectations are gradually recovering.