Regarding market quotations: the quotations of some 201BA 0.812502500 stainless steel plates fell by 50 yuan, the quotations of some 304 materials fell by 50-100 yuan, the quotations of some 316L materials fell by 100-300 yuan; 400 series materials maintain a stable price.

In terms of overall performance: Since today is the weekend, although today is a working day, the stainless steel market does not seem to have recovered from the long holiday. It was quiet before the holidays, and still quiet after the holiday!

Without a forecast for nickel futures, the market fluctuates a bit. The market atmosphere for 201BA 0.812502500 stainless steel plates is so quiet that it makes people panic. Steel mills are taking the initiative to reduce the market price. Agents continue to offer discounts. The spot price of stainless steel is moving to a minimum, although there is no big drop, and a small drop every day is like cutting meat with a dull knife and frying the heart over low heat.

Demand for the downstream sector is sluggish and costs continue to invert. Production cuts at steel mills have little impact at this time. things are worse than in September.

Stainless steel sheets 201BA 0.812502500 fell in price by 50, 304 fell in price by 100, 316L fell in price by 300, and scrap fell in price by 50 or 100. I thought that the market might turn around after the holiday, but I did not expect all the news about the price reduction !