On the first business day after the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, nickel futures did not open, and material prices fell steadily. The quotations of approximately 201 BA stainless steel plates and 304 2B stainless steel plates fell by 50 yuan. The spot market was limited, and about 201 cheap narrowband discounts were 10-20 yuan, some 304 fell by 50 yuan.

Regarding scrap raw materials: the purchasing price of 201 BA stainless steel sheets and 304 stainless steel plates, 2B scrap was stable, and the purchasing price of 316 scrap fell by 200 yuan; market prices for high nickel iron and high carbon iron. ferrochrome were stable, and the price of ferromolybdenum fell by 3,000 yuan.

Regarding steel mill prices: Dongte 3304 2B stainless steel plates, hot rolled, flat, 316L hot rolled dropped by 200, all Taigang and Zhangpu resources were flat.

Regarding market quotations: the quotations of some 201 BA stainless steel plates fell by 50 yuan, with discounts of 10 yuan and 20 yuan in the spot market; quotations of some 304 materials fell by 50 yuan; The quotation of some 316L materials fell by 100~200 yuan, 400 series materials continued to perform stably.

As for the comprehensive indicators: the “Golden Nine” passed, and the “Silver Ten” took over. However, the so-called "Golden Nine" turned out to be not as brilliant as originally expected. Now the “Silver Ten” is also in no hurry to show its strength. , and the pre-holiday market was cool to cool. This indicates severe fatigue. Everyone had their expectations and hopes for the post-holiday period. Unexpectedly, the post-holiday market was as dull as water. Such impasse is inevitably disappointing.