This week, spot prices for 20Х23Н18 stainless steel sheet are almost the same for all series with slight price fluctuations. As of Friday, the regional main reference price of privately owned four-foot cold-rolled steel 304 sheet 20X23N18 stainless steel was 14,550 yuan per ton, down 50 yuan per ton from last week. a price of 14,250 yuan per ton was reported, the same as last week's quote.

Based on this week, the average price of stainless steel 304 sheet 20Х23Н for 18 weeks fell by 10 yuan/ton to 14,880 yuan/ton, the average price of 430 weeks fell by 50 yuan/ton to 8,440 yuan/ton, and the average price for 201 week the price fell by 30 yuan/ton to 8370 yuan/ton.

From a market perspective, the market price of 304 stainless steel sheet 20X23H18 stainless steel has fluctuated this week. The private hot-rolled steel price was 14,250 yuan per ton, the same as last week's quotation. According to market feedback, except for the improvement in the shopping atmosphere on Tuesday during the week, transactions on other days were relatively small. In conditions of sluggish prices, terminal buyers are more cautious about replenishing stocks. In addition, Qingshan maintains its measures to limit agent shipping prices, with cold and hot rolled steel prices slightly higher than market traders' main quotes, and steel mills continue to support prices.

In terms of cost, the price of high-carbon ferronickel decreased slightly this week. The main quote on the market today is 1115 yuan/nickel, which is 10 yuan/nickel lower than last week. The 20X23H18 price fell by 200 yuan/50 basis tons compared to last week to 8500-8700 yuan/50 basis tons. The theoretical cost of cold rolling of grade 304 (with 2.0mm burr) is 15,136 yuan/ton, slightly less than last week by 156 yuan/ton. The scrap price of 304 this week is 10,500 yuan per ton, which is the same as last week's price. The theoretical process cost of cold rolled scrap 304 is 15,181 yuan per ton.

As for inventory, stocks of stainless steel sheet 20Х23Н18 series 300 on the market this week increased by 5.4 thousand tons to 483.4 thousand tons. Cold-rolled stocks continued their depletion trend, and hot-rolled stocks accumulated again. During this inventory cycle, futures prices fluctuated and bottomed out, market transactions were generally cleared, spot deliveries slowed, and hot-rolled resources from Qingshan and Delon arrived one after another, resulting in only a slight decline in cold-rolled steel inventories. Stocks of hot rolled products have appeared. Thousands of tons have accumulated in warehouses. Current inventories remain relatively high. Under pressure from dwindling inventories, steel mills have largely continued to cut production. Steel mills still have plans for maintenance and production cuts in November. Pay attention to the rhythm of terminal purchasing operations.

Collectively, the central bank issued an additional 1 trillion in Treasuries during the week, boosting trade confidence in the commodities market in the near term; however, prices for raw materials such as ferronickel and ferrochrome declined and cost support continued. Processing companies mainly purchase goods for urgent needs and take a wait-and-see approach. The situation with shipments on the market is average. In addition, as the end of the month approaches, the inventory situation remains high and the pressure to withdraw funds intensifies, forcing some traders to reduce supply prices. In the short term, the long-term price game for 20X23H18 stainless steel sheet will continue. The base price of private cold-rolled steel next week is expected to fluctuate at 14400-14800 yuan/ton. Please pay attention to the market purchasing rhythm.