At the start of the new week, the main ex-factory 12x15g9nd quotations in the high chrome market remained stable at 8500-8700 yuan/50 basis tons, the same as last weekend.

In terms of cost, after the price of chrome ore round stainless steel buy 12x15g9nd fell slightly last weekend, it has temporarily stabilized today. The price of the main grade 40-42% South African fine-grained ore remains at 59 yuan/ton, and the price of 40- 42% Turkish lump ore remains stable at 59 yuan/t, around 68 yuan/t.

Coke prices have fallen slightly in recent days. It is reported that some steel mills have begun to increase or decrease coke prices, but there has been no response from coke plants.

Generally speaking, since the price of high chromium steel fell in November, its value has decreased slightly. However, the overall reduction in raw material costs was not as large as the fall in high chromium steel prices. In addition, the electricity costs of some factories in the southern region have increased. Price pressure on manufacturing companies remains high.

Some factories have reduced prices to attract more funds.

Currently, the retail market price for high-chromium stainless steel wheel buy 12x15g9nd is close to the level of the tender purchase price of major metallurgical plants. Combined with price restrictions, the decline in prices for high-chromium wheel in the short term will slow down and will be mostly weak. and stable.