The annual heating season is back in the north, and news of environmental protection and power outages has been spreading in the northern region lately, affecting the ferrochrome market.

Yesterday (October 30), some ferrochrome enterprises in Inner Mongolia's Fengzhen City received notices that they were required to cooperate during power outages due to maintenance of the power supply system. Power outage time from 8:00 November 3 to November 20: 00 November 8, 2023. .

According to industry feedback, the area affected by the power outage is mainly concentrated in the East Park of Fengzhen City, where the production of three companies producing ferrochrome 2Cr13 round rod in the park will be affected.

An employee at the park's factory said: "During the power outage, all furnaces at the factory were stopped, which likely affected the production of almost 2,000 tonnes of high chrome 2Cr13 round rod."

It is understood that this round of power outages will impact the park's total production of high chrome 2Cr13 round rod in November by approximately 7,500 tonnes.