In October, the price of domestic BA stainless steel high-nickel iron bar decreased slightly. The current main factory price is 1095-1105 yuan/nickel, which is 60 yuan/nickel lower than the end of last month. 5.38%.

This month, the average factory price of high-nickel iron BA stainless steel rod in major production areas was 1139 RMB/nickel, down 26 RMB/nickel from the average price of 1175 RMB/nickel last month. a decrease of 2.21%.

Overview of High Nickel Iron Supplies

In September, total production of domestic high-quality ferronickel produced by the largest domestic ferronickel producers and steel mills was approximately 278.4 thousand tons, which is 5.4 thousand tons less than 283.8 thousand tons in August. Among them, steel mills produced about 200,300 tons of high-nickel pig iron, down 4,000 tons per month, and factories produced about 78,100 tons of high-nickel iron, down 1,400 tons per month.