Stainless steel prices in October stainless steel 2mm 303F rod fell sharply, steel mills cut production, raw material prices continue to fall, where will stainless steel prices go in the future? How do raw material prices change? What is the demand for recycling? You might as well listen to what the leaders and elite of the stainless steel industry have to say!

On October 27, the exchange meeting of East China Cold Rolling Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel 2mm 303F Bar was held in Yixing. The meeting was organized by Wuxi Hongwang and was attended by well-known figures in the field of raw materials mining, mid-level traders, and the processing industry. manufacturing industry, etc. Everyone was interested in the next step. A detailed discussion of the market situation, full of useful information.

[Macro aspect]

  1. In the fourth quarter of this year, the central government will issue an additional 1 trillion yuan in treasury bonds due 2023. Any additional Treasury bonds will be transferred to local governments through transfer payments. In the fourth quarter, policies will continue to strengthen and market investment confidence will be enhanced, which will help the real estate industry bottom out and recover.
  2. Foreign geopolitical conflicts continue, and their subsequent impact on 2mm 303F stainless steel rod remains to be seen.