1. Tsingshan Group completed the bidding and purchase price of high chromium metal for November at 8695 yuan/50 basis tons (including taxes payable at the plant), which is 300 yuan/50 basis tons lower than the previous month. New production facilities in the north are currently being commissioned, and although plants in the south are losing money and cutting production, supplies of ferrochrome are still increasing. As the price of high chromium ore continues to decline, the atmosphere of wait and see in the high chromium ore market is becoming stronger. There has not yet been a significant reduction.
  2. The price of ferronickel round stainless steel 430F continues to fall. The purchasing price of major steel mills has fallen below 1100 yuan per nickel. Indonesian factories are very enthusiastic about shipping at a price of about 1100 yuan. Currently, Indonesia's suspension of nickel ore quota approval in September is having a limited impact on supplies of ferronickel round stainless steel 430F. It remains to be seen whether there will be a shortage of nickel ore in November and December. prices, opportunities to reduce ferronickel prices are limited.
  3. 300 Series production in September was 1.762 million tonnes, down 27,000 tonnes from the previous month. Output of the 300 series in October is expected to be around 1.6 million tonnes. The stainless steel market for 430F stainless steel is stagnant in October, and the 300 series continues to suffer losses. Many steel mills are planning to organize maintenance or proactively suspend or reduce production from October to November to cope with the market situation. steel mills from October to November will affect the 300 series. The main production of stainless steel reached 420,000 tons, of which October affected the 300 series output - 160,000 tons, the 200 series output - 40,000 tons and the 400 series output - 10,000 tons. In November, 300 series production was 100,000 tons and 200 series production was 110,000 tons.
  4. At present, raw material prices continue to fall, and the early heavy losses of steel mills have improved. It is necessary to pay attention to the reduction in production of steel mills in November.